We Service Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital, is an emblem of cultural diversity, architectural grandeur, and a bustling economy. Australian Bollards, dedicated since 1992, ensures Adelaide remains a beacon of safety and security. From the vibrancy of Rundle Street to the serenity of Botanic Park, our premium range, including top-of-the-line bollards and advanced electronic displays, ensures vigilant protection. More than suppliers, we are Adelaide’s partners, committed to the city’s safety and prosperity. Our expansive facility in Heidelberg West allows Adelaide timely and efficient deliveries and precise installations. Upholding our ‘Service & Quality’ ethos, Adelaide’s dynamic spirit is complemented by our dedicated safety solutions. Our relentless pursuit of innovation promises Adelaide the forefront of safety technology. As Adelaide grows, Australian Bollards remains its steadfast guardian, ensuring its legacy and future are secure.


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