We Service Port Hedland

Port Hedland, a critical hub of commerce and culture in Western Australia, requires the highest standard of safety and security. Australian Bollards, with its legacy since 1992, is poised to provide just that. From its bustling port to its cultural landmarks, our extensive range, featuring top-tier bollards and dynamic electronic displays, ensures every corner is protected. More than a provider, we view ourselves as Port Hedland’s dedicated guardians. Drawing from our Heidelberg West facility, Port Hedland is guaranteed swift deliveries and expert installations. Abiding by our philosophy of ‘Service & Quality’, we engage directly with Port Hedland, understanding its unique needs. As we constantly evolve, innovating in the realm of safety, Port Hedland stands to benefit from the very best in the industry. With a vision for a safe and prosperous future, Australian Bollards is proud to stand beside Port Hedland every step of the way.

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