We Service Ballarat

Ballarat, steeped in history and bursting with modernity, deserves the pinnacle of safety assurance, and Australian Bollards is at the helm. Since our foundations were laid in 1992, regions like Ballarat have been at the heart of our service ethos. From Ballarat’s historic laneways to its contemporary precincts, our varied products, including resilient bollards and state-of-the-art electronic displays, provide unwavering protection. But we’re not just suppliers; we’re Ballarat’s dedicated guardians in safety. Our proficient teams in the area guarantee meticulous installations and enduring maintenance. Holding high our principle of ‘Service & Quality’, Ballarat’s communities and enterprises can confide in our unwavering resolve. With Australian Bollards, Ballarat’s heritage and future stand shielded side by side.


Energy Abosrbing Bollard

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