We Service Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour, a haven of NSW with its charismatic marina and lush botanical gardens, encapsulates a unique blend of nature and urbanisation. Australian Bollards, anchored in its mission since 1992, ensures Coffs Harbour’s attractions, businesses, and residential areas maintain their sanctity. From the iconic Big Banana to its thriving city centre, our vast offerings, like resilient bollards and advanced electronic displays, fortify the city’s expanse. More than mere providers, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Coffs Harbour, prioritizing its safety and growth. Drawing from our vast resources in Heidelberg West, Coffs Harbour can anticipate prompt services, precise installations, and committed maintenance. Embracing our ethos of ‘Service & Quality’, we work in harmony with Coffs Harbour’s spirit, securing its rich legacy and evolving future.

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