We Service Newcastle

Newcastle, with its pristine beaches and vibrant cultural scene, is a cornerstone of NSW’s coastal majesty. Since 1992, Australian Bollards has been the silent custodian, ensuring Newcastle’s historic sites, beachfronts, and urban hubs are wrapped in a mantle of safety. From the Newcastle Art Gallery to its sun-kissed beaches, our gamut of solutions, including durable bollards and state-of-the-art electronic displays, serve as the city’s shield. More than a vendor, we align ourselves as Newcastle’s collaborator, emphasizing its safety and serenity. With our rooted presence in Heidelberg West, Newcastle can trust in timely services, seamless installations, and enduring support. Holding high our credo of ‘Service & Quality’, our endeavours mirror Newcastle’s essence, upholding its charm and vibrancy. As Newcastle flourishes, Australian Bollards remains its steadfast sentinel, championing its history and promising trajectory.

Energy Abosrbing Bollard

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