We Service Broome

Broome, a jewel of the Kimberley region, with its Cable Beach and pearling history, demands state-of-the-art safety solutions, and Australian Bollards answers that call. Since 1992, our mission has been to secure Australia’s treasures, and Broome stands tall among them. From its historical sites to modern establishments, our extensive offerings, like elite bollards and electronic displays, provide unwavering protection. We don’t just serve Broome; we are its dedicated partners in safety, offering unmatched expertise. Our expansive facility ensures Broome benefits from timely service, from product delivery to on-site installations. Our guiding tenet, ‘Service & Quality’, ensures Broome’s unique requirements are always met with precision. Continually at the vanguard of safety innovation, Broome can expect the latest and finest solutions. As Broome continues to enchant visitors and residents alike, Australian Bollards remains committed to ensuring its legacy is well-protected.


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